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Steering and Suspension in Granite City, IL

Both the steering and suspension systems help you keep control of your car. The steering system translates the rotation of the steering wheel into the direction that your wheels point. While the suspension system supports the weight of your car and absorbs the road impacts to ensure a smooth and stable ride. You need both of them to work accordingly for a safe drive.  Over time, parts in either system can become worn out and become ineffective. 

If you catch any of the following warning signs below, please bring your car to our family-owned business for a steering and suspension system inspection:

  • Excess bounciness
  • Shakiness
  • Stiff and/or uneven steering wheel
  • Leaking fluid
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Vehicle pulling left or right
  • Vehicle dives or squats when braking

The steering and suspension systems are part of a larger piece held by the chassis. They work together to make driving your vehicle a manageable and smooth experience. Both systems have many parts, and our team will make sure to inspect them all – we will check the steering column, steering wheel, tie rods, pinion, shocks, struts, coil springs, bushings, bearings, and more. It is good practice to have your steering and suspension systems inspected at least once a year.

You can always rely on the friendly and caring repair specialists at O’Brien Tire & Auto Care as we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary to repair both minor and major steering and suspension problems. We genuinely care about our customers and their vehicles, which is why we work hard to deliver same-day services. Feel free to wait in our clean and comfortable waiting lounge where snacks and beverages and wi-fi are available.  In most cases, you'll receive same-day service as your appointment, and we have a courtesy shuttle service on request.

If you suspect a problem with your vehicle’s steering and suspension system, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to O’Brien Tire & Auto Care in Granite City, IL for an inspection today!  

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